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If everyone on your team and in your family is thinking alike, then someone is NOT sharing what they are really thinking. Encourage the people around you to authentically share what they are thinking. The answers to greater outcomes and relationships are in the silence. So when they do share with you, this is your […]

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Ross Matiscik Team #183 McKinney, TX

I have truly changed personally, professionally, athletically, and most importantly religiously. This will change my life forever!

Gary Leland Fisher Kenosha, WI

The most powerful and impactful four days of your life that will change everything for you.  Game changing!

Donald C. Herbert Team #179 Brentwood, CA

The most empowering thing I  experienced in my life.

Mary Comly Team #179 West Chester, PA

A reboot for my heart and soul.

Andrew Wayman Team #180 Glenwood, Utah

I am whatever I say I am.

Eric Burd Team #173 San Diego CA

I focus on the outcome and change the game EVERYDAY!  An amazing experience!  Thank you!!!


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