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Executive Master Graduate Leadership Program

You are the heart of your business, ensuring that both your customers and employees are taken care of. We are proud to offer this unique Master Graduate Program specifically designed for business owners and decision makers.

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About Discover Leadership Training

Throughout your personal and professional life, there are so many things happening around you that you tend to lose your focus on your purpose and what makes you happy. Whether it’s with your family or at work, many people tend to fall into a routine and develop a comfort zone that they are comfortable with. What Discover Leadership Training does for people is help awaken them to the potential a person has and how to regain focus and retake control of their own life. It doesn’t mean that there was anything wrong or broken about a person that needs to be fixed, it simply means that by awakening those to the potential a person has can create a better version of themselves. After a person takes one of our leadership programs, they find ways to become a better person in all aspects of their life. We hear many stories about the changes many people see in a person after taking one of our programs, it is known to create a better husband or wife, father or mother, son or daughter and boss or employee.

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Heart of a Samurai

The Heart of a Samurai Program is a two-day adventure-based leadership development program where individuals will realize and focus on their Big Deliberate Outcomes for their professional and personal lives. Just like a true Samurai Warrior, those who attend will be armed with their own personal bushido (Samurai Code of Ethics) to push them to the next level. The program is designed to help attendees realize more of their own potential every step of the journey. This program does not have a pre-requisite and is an excellent class to do with family, friends and co-workers.

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Heart of Samurai

Game Changers Program

If you are only focused on being liked or accepted in your professional world, who do you believe will be the first person laid off when the market crashes again? Research shows that the most disappointed people during those times are the people that only focused on the social aspects.

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Game Changers

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You can step boldly into the choices and decisions available to you today or you can take baby steps. Baby steps are an indication that you are not truly committed. So stop, make a choice regarding what you are committed to, and now boldly go for it.

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