Discover Leadership Training is Live on Periscope and Facebook! This new way of doing LIVE BROADCASTS connects people from all around the world, giving viewers a glimpse of what is happening in real-time. Join Mike Jones for Happy Hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at 8:00 pm and get your positive kick for the night. Also, you can check in on a class that is in session at Running Cougar Ranch, join us at graduation, or get a sneak peek during one of Mike’s keynotes! Follow us today!!!

If you have someone you know that is attending any of the Discover Leadership Training programs, there will be a LIVE BROADCAST of the graduation on Periscope and a recorded version will be uploaded to Facebook. This is the next best option for those who are unable to physically be at Running Cougar Ranch for the Graduation. It is a great way to support graduates and feel like you’re apart of what’s happening!

View on your Smartphone: Viewer’s can view a Live Broadcast on Periscope by downloading the Periscope App to their phone. Once the app is downloaded, the app will give you the option to connect through your Twitter Account. If you don’t have a Twitter Account you have the option to connect with your phone number. After you’ve connected, do a quick search for “Discover Leadership Training” and once you’ve found it, click “Follow”.

View on your Computer: Periscope is mainly viewed by those with a smartphone, however, you are able to watch a Live Broadcast through Discover Leadership Training’s Twitter Page. In that case, visit Twitter’s webpage on your computer and search for Discover Leadership Training’s Twitter Page. Once you’ve found the page it will show a tweet with a link to the Live Broadcast. Within the tweet there will be a link at the bottom linking to the live broadcast. Click on that link and the live broadcast will appear on your computer screen.

Download the App: Click on the images below for step-by-step instructions on how to download the app and how to connect with Discover Leadership Training.

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